124+ Best Metallica Tattoos Designs Ideas in 2020

By | 14 February 2020

The group was formed in Los Angeles, California, but their origin can now find refuge in your skin.

The popular choice for tattoo enthusiasts is to transfer the album and tour cover to their skin. One of the most popular options is the snake from the Black album. This coiled beast represents more than a symbol of hard and hard nature. It’s a symbol that the military has seen as a hellish way to withdraw before starting something you can’t finish. This phrase “Do not tread on me” was invented a long time ago and bringing art to life shows your support for strength and your confidence in the inner power you possess.

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For a more subtle look, look no further than the Metallica More or Forever symbols. These shaped drawings show the personal touch of the band in the crest. Their crest shape like the letter “Z”, but holds personal meaning for the group far beyond any alphabetical symbol. One of them presents a lifeline, showing that a beating heart means that you are never dead. The other symbol imitates that of a fascinating test. Get lost in the hypnotic nature of this tattoo and let your metal head beat.

Author: Han | Ces

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