125+ Best Sunflower Tattoo Designs In 2020

As tattoos gain in popularity and importance, some designs overtake others as the most popular design categories, and one of those categories is that of flowers.

Almost everyone who has a design on the theme of nature or plants has a type of flower tattooed somewhere on their body; one of the most popular flowers for tattooing is the sunflower. Sunflowers are simple in design, easy to understand and visualize, and tend to flatter on a wide variety of skin tones and body types.

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Sunflowers are also popular because they symbolize strength and joy; tall, robust and shiny, they rise above the rest of the plants as if they were in possession of all the joyous secrets of the world. They portray a joyful energy, and taking a reminder of that joyous energy with you wherever you go is sure to be a bright spot even in the darkest days.



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