22 The Winter Boot Trend That Just Feels So Right

You know what’s just lovely? When a trend of fashion emerges, it is not only aesthetic and luxurious, but also functional. And, to my great joy, this has happened quite often lately. On a larger scale, we have gotten the tendencies of the bourgeoisie and utility for F / W 19, and on a smaller scale, there has been a handful of specific trend items that turn out to be apparel fashionable much easier in fashion. . Some examples include the elegant leather trench coat, the versatile costumes, the cool but comfortable cardigans and the subject of today’s publication: the shearling boots.

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While we knew they had been coming since we saw them (literally) down the slopes of the F / W 19 in February, now that winter is actually on the horizon and as temperatures reflect it, the trend is gaining finally steam and becomes portable. To see how Céline, Chanel, Isabel Marant and many others have reiterated the comfortable start-up style and shopping along the way, keep scrolling.

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