25+ Best Outdoor Wicker Furniture Designs 2020

The wicker is back and it’s a stay. Although before, wicker furniture and decorative items were mainly confined to the outdoors, nowadays the trend also prevails over interior decoration. The natural wicker material combined with its beautiful weaving technique offers a wide variety of versatile furniture options.

Now we can think why the return? Easy. It is practical, elegant and above all does not burn a hole in your pocket. Easy to clean, light and depending on the weaving, the wicker can be transparent and airy. The color and texture combined with its versatility make it a very comfortable piece of furniture while serving as a very functional and fashionable alternative to expensive upholstery.

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The very image that appears in the mind when we talk about wicker is that of a beautiful windy summer outside, which makes it one of the best options when it comes to outdoor furniture. Enjoy the beautiful springtime aura sitting on a wicker rocker outside in your garden, or you could very well do the same inside with additional accessories like baskets and wicker chests to complete the desired look that you want for your beautiful home. Other accessory options include lamps, breakage, place mats or rugs that would all make the perfect backdrop for a lanai.

Check out the 25 wicker furniture design ideas below for a refreshing inspiration!

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