32+ Best Infrared Sauna Design Ideas 2020

Saunas have existed for centuries and once considered a luxury, they have found their place in hotels, gymnasiums and even homes. Although they are mainly used for relaxation, they have many health benefits, the elimination of toxins from our body and purification of our skin being the best known.

Infrared saunas are dry saunas that use electric heating elements to heat the body, not the air of the sauna itself. By directly heating the body, infrared saunas stimulate sweating and produce health benefits at a much lower temperature (120 degrees Fahrenheit) than traditional saunas (190 degrees Fahrenheit), making them more comfortable and easier to use. use. breathe. In addition, since they do not use steam or water like traditional saunas, it is enough to wipe them with a damp cloth for cleaning, which facilitates maintenance.

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Most infrared saunas exclusively use far infrared (FIR) energy, which is generated by special heaters positioned on one or more areas of the body. Infrared radiant heat (FIR) should not be confused with ultraviolet (UV) radiation; although both are present in the sun’s rays, FIR does not damage the skin as UV does, while providing many benefits of natural sunlight.

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