33+ Best Places To Get Tattoos Ideas In 2020

By | 13 February 2020

Corporate, office, educational and medical environments are just a few places that could make it illegal to show your art in ink.

And rest assured that some of the world’s most successful men sport an equally impressive, albeit out of sight, tattoo job.

A more conservative profession shouldn’t prevent registration, and there are a number of great places to get a design that doesn’t attract unwanted attention. The chest and torso, back, shoulders and legs can sport a number of elaborate tattoo pieces and be just as easily concealed under standard work attire.

In addition, your secret will be safe even if you have to remove a jacket or roll up your sleeves.

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More discreet areas of the body also mean more detailed and expansive designs that the art of standard sleeves or neck cannot always contain. While the need to hide a tattoo may seem restrictive, it is actually an opportunity to be twice as bold and without excuse. If you know you have to hide it, why not make it doubly rewarding for the lucky ones?

There is always more than what seems to the sight of multidimensional man. It may be the loss of the corporate world from being left out of his tattoo legacy, but it will certainly be the gain of loved ones.

Author: Han | Ces

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