51+ Best Eagle Tattoos Ideas In 2020

By | 3 February 2020

But the rich symbolism of the eagle dates back thousands of years, spanning several countries and cultures. Not just a badass tattoo for men made in America, it is a totem for every man, from all walks of life.

Native Americans believed that the eagle was the animal embodiment of the Great Spirit, and the eagle feathers were incorporated into sacred rituals and clothing. The Persian army adopted the eagle as a symbol, while the ancient Egyptian leaders proudly proclaimed the eagle as the royal seal. In Christianity, the eagle represents salvation, a signal of liberation through redemption.

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Wherever your blood and inspiration flows, the eagle evokes a universal desire to go beyond its limits, to assert its bravery, its intelligence and its ultimate power over adversity. Not just a relic of colonial America’s past, the eagle is a modern entity to be embraced by modern humans. Inked on your heart or under a rolled up sleeve, badass eagle tattoos let the world know that weakness will never triumph over you. You are a man who approaches the trials of life with so much grace and clarity, and woe to the inferior who tests your strength of will.

Author: Han | Ces

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