53+ Best Gothic Tattoos Ideas In 2020

Rich and mysterious and totally devoid of superficial or insignificant imagery, the Gothic recalls a time and a dimension that honor a more macabre grace.

From Dracula’s castle to the pages of Edgar Allan Poe, modern goth combines old and sophisticated to form a totally unusual impression.
The anatomical skulls, the crows and the shaded crows and the ancient symbols are only a few Gothic signatures. Tim Burton’s world is a great source of inspiration, as are Bella Lugosi’s films, while weeping angels, skeleton keys and ghostly cameos also compliment Gothic tattoo lovers. The words and images of Gothic groups in power in the 80s such as The Cure, Bauhus and Depeche Mode give a discreet but undeniably cool nuance to an already enigmatic presence.

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Gothic tattoos can be worn wherever the wearer wishes and often appear as accessories themselves: a cuff, a portrait between the shoulder blades and a moonlit night on Sleepy Hollow all give off the strange look of a second skin, a mist that follows the wearer’s tattoo wherever he goes.

The beauty of Gothic tattoos is that, like the color black (probably the unofficial Gothic color), they never really go out of style. On the contrary, Gothic tattoos are worn as a timeless and well-fitting set. They are both a reflection of the past and indicative of the future to come. Here is no relic to the old from the past; the gothic soul is light years ahead of the average man. Almost… vampiric.


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