54+ Best TV Tattoos Ideas In 2020

By | 9 February 2020

And in terms of folk art, it certainly doesn’t hurt that the TV was available in all the colors, styles and designs specific to the era.

Is it any wonder that there are whole museums dedicated to television?

A televised tattoo covers the whole range from retro to super modern, with as many meanings and correlated references. You can be a little Mike Teevee yourself, as addicted to television as the famous character of Willy Wonka, so it’s natural that you want to confide your obsession to the flesh.Maybe you’re drawn to the space age designs of 1950s and 1960s TVs, and a similar tattoo completes your vintage aesthetic.

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Television was society’s first window to the world, a previously inconceivable introduction to multiple trends, events and figures. Families have been allocated specific time slots to meet around the television, and even now we are enjoying our evenings at home, curled up in front of the screen. A televised tattoo recognizes a moment in 20th century history that transformed tables for good – and placed a device at the top that would become an essential aspect of modern life.

Author: Han | Ces

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