55+ Best Plumbing Tattoos Designs

By | 7 March 2020

Plumbing tattoos offer a way to illustrate the devotion that one has at work that so few are willing to consider.

Plumbing is one of the oldest professions in the world, and the technology behind running water and indoor plumbing is much more complex than the average person would assume. Plumbing requires a fair amount of knowledge in areas that many do not have, so those who make it their career are often deeply proud and happy to provide such service. This is what makes plumbing tattoos so attractive.

Interestingly enough, the profession even made its way to the public through some fictional characters like Mario and Luigi, two video game characters famous for their plumbing skills. While the world recognizes that plumbers are necessary, many ignore the true quality and craftsmanship that go into working.

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Men have a deep desire to fix things, which includes plumbing. This desire is compounded by the need to share your pride with the world, and plumbing tattoos are the best way for professionals in this field to share their knowledge, experience and commitment to a job that many often see as acquired.

Author: Han | Ces

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