65+ Best Coal Mining Tattoos Ideas In 2020

By | 10 February 2020

Many nations have been built on the back of the coal industry, and whether you have a proud family or personal connection or want to honor the trademarks of the men who went to work underground, a mine-like tattoo coal is an unforgettable tribute.

Starting with traditional tools – shovel, pickaxe and cart – and moving on to more symbolic references such as guide lanterns and canaries sent to test carbon monoxide levels, there are several ways to convey the spirit of extract coal from your flesh. While black and white evokes the 19th century aesthetic of the American coal mining world, the vivid hues denote a light and color that many miners never appreciated in the dark.

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Maybe you are following a fragile but sacred light in front of you, and therefore the lantern is a perfect fit for your salvation from coal mining. Or maybe you too are carried away by the many trials of life, and the pickaxe is your symbolic companion tool. The beauty of tattoos inspired by coal mining today is that they speak of the timeless and individual struggle to carve out an existence even in the most formidable environment. No matter his profession, belief or lifestyle, every man is at work in the underground reality of life, making his way through the unknown to not only provide, but thrive in uncertain darkness.

Author: Han | Ces

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