65+ Best Sublime Tattoos For Men Ideas In 2020

The group’s life philosophy is that everyone, whatever they want to do, should have a good time.

From the start, Sublime was associated with a specific type of imagery. The sun symbol was designed by a close friend of the group, a tattoo artist named Opie Ortiz, which is probably why the sun symbol translates into such a cool and portable tattoo. The sun itself represents the name of the group; it represents the sublime, or the culmination of someone’s life. On the face of the sun, however, there is the devil, a switch blade and several skeletons, representing that even the best thing in life is not what it seems.

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Other elements of the Sublime aesthetic are the emphasis on the Old English font, which comes from Bradley Nowell’s own tattoo (also Ortiz’s work), featured on the cover of the group’s homonymous album. To incorporate the Sublime style into your own tattoo, consider using at least a few Old English letters to refer to this album cover.

Above all, a sublime tattoo should not be too philosophical. The festive atmosphere of Southern California is the engine of the group’s original work, and it continues to be an important aspect of their renaissance group, Sublime with Rome.

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