66+ Amazing Compass Tattoos Ideas In 2020

By | 3 February 2020

The compass is more than a simple traveling gadget, but symbolic of the inner compass that we each carry within us, the one that keeps us on our way, no matter what life offers us. A simple compass tattoo is a reminder of that infinite inner tool that every man has.

Simple in design but nevertheless a powerful totem, the compass tattoo can be worn anywhere and guide in the same way. Underestimated and poignant, the compass tattoo is a lasting pledge of your own journey. You may not always know what the road has in store for you or what dangers await you, but your badge will never go astray without good reason.

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We are all looking for our North Star in life, that fixed point at which we can define our deepest desires and goals. Things don’t always go well, but with the right tools, we can stay the course and reach our true goal. A compass tattoo may not look very much like paper, but once you get stuck in your flesh, you’ll wonder how you ever traveled without it.

Author: Han | Ces

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