67+ Best Anchor Tattoos Ideas In 2020

By | 3 February 2020

Life on the high seas was unforgiving, death among the fathoms being always a storm or a fatal accident, but the intoxicating freedom and the exhilarating adventure were well worth the danger.

Such a life was worth commemorating in ink, and the sailor’s tattoo catalog persists to this day.

The anchor is perhaps the most recognizable badge of the sailor, and also the most popular. Of fairly simple form, the anchor carries a litany of meaning and symbolism, historically considered to mean that we made our first crossing of the Atlantic. Naval officers and newcomers proudly displayed the anchor tattoo not only as a mark of their first passage in the Atlantic, but also as a right of passage. The anchor is a mark of success on a seemingly insurmountable obstacle, that his problems were ultimately not enough to drag them.

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Your anchor tattoo does not need to be developed, but a simple testimony of what you have endured and triumphed. You may not be a man of the sea, but you are a man of the world, a risk taker with a soul as deep as the waters thus crossed for centuries. Such a life deserves a mark of remembrance, so why not start with the oldest badge of honor of all?

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