67+ Best Rose Tattoos Ideas In 2020

By | 3 February 2020

The rose is a harsh symbol of strength, courage and nobility, a reminder that the refinery wears armor, and that even the most true love is not without its thorns.

Cultivated in the Far East and adopted very early by Europeans, the rose was an emblem to wear on armor and to wear on its shield, not simply conferred on a lover. Its intoxicating scent, its striking beauty and its thorn sheath sent a message to the world that he should think twice before reaching out carefree, lest he leave again with an unexpected handful of blood. Conversely, the rose in Christianity has become the symbol of sacrifice and purity: red for the blood of Christ, white for purification.

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A modern badass rose tattoo is both sophisticated and timeless, retaining all of its much admired classic properties while performing a more up-to-date aesthetic. You may have survived a romance as tragic as it is lush and wish to commemorate the tale in ink. Or perhaps, like the knights of your ancestry, the rose represents your own well-dressed value – with a hidden blade for additional insurance.

Just as the rose is seen in endless colors, shapes and connotations, your rose tattoo is unique to you alone. Sumptuous and powerful, the rose reminds us that the strength of a man is not in the eye of the beholder, but in the hand that defies his touch.

Author: Han | Ces

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