69+ Best Side Hand Tattoos Designs

By | 7 March 2020

The hands are one of the most dynamic and used parts of the body, and an incredible tattoo on the hands will draw a lot of attention.

The biggest advantage of designing a side hand is the flexibility to use the edges of the palm for a really meaningful phrase, word or picture. The area can accommodate words or a tribal design or a small image. An abstract drawing or sentence can work better than a complicated picture for that particular place in the body. Tattoos on the hands are often rendered in black and white, but color can also be incorporated.

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The side tattoo of the hand is also often used by those who want to constantly remember a value, a message or a key person in their life. The tattoo of the lateral hand is rare and will distinguish the wearer as a man who is not afraid to show what he thinks to the whole world. The side hand tattoo is a small but bold statement that will always be on display for everyone around the wearer. Unlike a shoulder, arm or leg tattoo which can be easily hidden or covered, the side hand tattoo will always be a proud and visible part of the wearer.

Author: Han | Ces

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