87+ Best Green Day Tattoos Designs

By | 7 March 2020

Green Day started as a generation of protests against established voices, then challenged the company itself.

Inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame only a few years ago, with the devastating Broadway musical before that, Green Day is proof that the disagreement only hardens and grows stronger with age.

Many of those who grew up under singer Billie Joe Armstrong found other rebels who were ready to speak for them, and some of them have not been forgotten for decades. Green Day Tattoos pays tribute to timeless punk through a variety of images and portraits, including band members and symbols from various albums, including the recognizable American Idiot Pomegranate, references to 21st Century Breakdown and the latest rabbits Green Day.

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Big or hard tattooed or small and fierce, Green Day tattoos remind viewers and users to never save or forget who they are. In a world too eager to shut up openly, men wearing Green Day tattoos are rebel punks to be reckoned with.

Author: Han | Ces

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