88+ Best Pablo Picasso Tattoos Designs

By | 10 March 2020

Most of the great artists manage to achieve a certain style in their most practiced medium which influences generations to come.

Picasso has done this several times. Starting with the Cubist style in painting, he also made incredible additions to sculpture and collage, and constantly reinvented himself and changed his style.

Some of Picasso’s most influential works are those produced on the concept of perspective. The artist was famous for placing ears seen from the left on the right cheek, or for superimposing different angles of a face on top of each other. The result invites the spectator to question his point of view, literally and figuratively.

Picasso was responsible for a huge amount of images that defined the 20th century, be it Don Quixote on his camel or the images of “Guernica”, the painting that depicts the tragedies of the Spanish Civil War. Picasso was one of the first painters to make an openly political statement with his painting. He brought the art form of a practice that sought to capture beauty to one who touched all emotional notes.

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There is no scarcity of images created by Picasso to choose from. It is likely that you have already been deeply moved by one or two of them. A Picasso tattoo is sure to carry an intense personal meaning while paying homage to one of the greatest artists who has ever lived.

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