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58+ Best San Antonio Spurs Tattoos Designs

As for the San Antonio Spurs, there is another reason to bring this body art to life. The Spurs represent more than loyalty to the NBA after being only 1 of 4 teams to pursue the NBA league after the ABA-NBA merger. Their loyalty is much deeper, especially while waiting for their first choice of selection, David Robinson,… Read More »

88+ Best Badass Skull Tattoos Designs

Naturally, tattoos are intended to tell a story, to explore the depths of his personality for the whole world. A skull is the perfect visual tale. Art can mean different things for different people. The symbolism behind the skulls has changed over the years. Whatever it means to you, you have the freedom to get ridiculously creative with… Read More »

98+ Best Bob Marley Tattoos Designs

His music transcends race and social status, questions the authority of a higher place of peace, and encourages its followers to create their own reality, rather than restricting themselves within the confines of the other. Needless to say, the legend of Bob Marley has long been remembered as a tattoo, from stunning color portraits to instant black and… Read More »

77+ Best Beatles Tattoos Designs

But when the Beatles started to mature as a group, everything changed. Their message went from “I want to hold your hand” to “Lucy in the sky with diamonds”; from “Help” to “Revolution” to “Revolution # 9”. The most amazing aspect of the Beatles is their musical arc which went from commercial rock and roll lite to a… Read More »

88+ Best Pablo Picasso Tattoos Designs

Most of the great artists manage to achieve a certain style in their most practiced medium which influences generations to come. Picasso has done this several times. Starting with the Cubist style in painting, he also made incredible additions to sculpture and collage, and constantly reinvented himself and changed his style. Some of Picasso’s most influential works are… Read More »

88+ Best Tribal Skull Tattoos Designs

With this style of tattoo, the tribal design aspect of the tattoo usually varies. So, like fingerprints, this tattoo has a kind of unique individual vibration. Nevertheless, the tribal design still provides a crisp, bold, and fluid image. Coincidentally, many men with this type of tattoo also have a neat, bold and flowing personality. A free spirit knows… Read More »

69+ Best Side Hand Tattoos Designs

The hands are one of the most dynamic and used parts of the body, and an incredible tattoo on the hands will draw a lot of attention. The biggest advantage of designing a side hand is the flexibility to use the edges of the palm for a really meaningful phrase, word or picture. The area can accommodate words… Read More »