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66+ Best Esoteric Tattoos Designs In 2020

This is not to say that the majority of tattoos are enigmatic, but those with esoteric qualities are deeply personal and therefore as close to the spirit of a tattoo as possible. Tattoos are wonderful because they allow us to show an attachment to a certain idea or emotion that may or may not be relevant or even… Read More »

87+ Best Cartoon Tattoos Designs In 2020

Sure, they could go from watching Rugrats and Doug to watching Family Guy and Archer, but the joy of watching an animated comedy will never get old. Cartoons are a huge medium because they can literally express anything. The ability to animate the action creates the freedom to do whatever you want, like having a wallaby and a… Read More »

55+ Best Popcorn Tattoos Designs In 2020

For moviegoers who read this article, this is a fantastic choice for a tattoo. It’s a design that evokes the nights spent at the cinema, hanging on the edge of your seat in anticipation, and swallowing your favorite snack while you embark on an adventure that transports you out of the cinema hall and into another reality. This… Read More »

75+ Best Iceberg Tattoos Designs In 2020

The hidden dangers and the unfathomable depths of iceberg images make a choice of tattoo that shows you more than what you see. Huge chunks of ice that have broken away from glaciers to roam freely in the freezing waters of the northern oceans, icebergs are both a miracle of nature and a deadly threat to sailors. The… Read More »

88+ Best Tank Tattoos Designs In 2020

Show value, strength and attention to detail with a tank tattoo. Although these military machines have a dominant presence, it is the detail potential that gives life to these parts. An army is a force of nature, a massive being made up of smaller and more intelligent parts of itself. The tank is a compact version, an unbeatable… Read More »

98+ Best Sports Tattoos Designs In 2020

For many sports enthusiasts, dedication accompanies the territory. Each man has his favorite activity, team and player. You go match after match, watch it live at home or in your favorite bar, and stay up to date with stats and records. There comes a time when you want to take this commitment to the next level. Gone are… Read More »

78+ Best Dart Tattoo Designs In 2020

Whether you are thinking of getting a dart tattoo or not, sit back and contemplate what throwing sport really means to you. Many choose to focus their body art on sport in general. Take a look at all these professional players. A number of them have many tattoos that have a theme around the darts. It’s a popular… Read More »