33+ Best Places To Get Tattoos Ideas In 2020

Corporate, office, educational and medical environments are just a few places that could make it illegal to show your art in ink. And rest assured that some of the world’s most successful men sport an equally impressive, albeit out of sight, tattoo job. A more conservative profession shouldn’t prevent registration, and there are a number of great places… Read More »

70+ Best Bowhunting Tattoos Ideas In 2020

Although today’s bow and arrow have become regulated by sport hunting and game hunting, those who follow this ancient path have every reason to want to entrust this timeless skill to their flesh. Bow hunting tattoos have slowly crept into traditional aesthetics, due to the many positive cultural correlations that were previously relegated to the privileged few. Indigenous… Read More »

126+ Best Matching Couple Tattoos Ideas In 2020

Today, however, ink has replaced metal and many couples opt for matching tattoos to mark their devotion. Couple tattoos encompass all the qualities and symbols that are personal to individual lovers, an inked language that only they know. While there are countless options for matching couples’ tattoos, the choice is ultimately up to the couple. Which emblems, animals… Read More »

87+ Best Coolest Tattoos Ideas In 2020

A tattoo is, after all, your personal signature. And while many cool tattoo trends come and go, leaving their wearers with lingering pains of regret or embarrassment, others resist both time and the trend. The coolest tattoos are probably the ones that talk about who you are, what you like and what you hope to take with you… Read More »

62+ Best Anatomical Tattoos Ideas In 2020

The same can be said of the beauty and poignant character of its anatomy. For many, the body’s natural anatomy is nothing less than a work of art, with little need for embellishments or additional cartoon effects. Leonardo da Vinci was not the only one who wanted to celebrate the human body as art; The best tattoo artists… Read More »

65+ Best Coal Mining Tattoos Ideas In 2020

Many nations have been built on the back of the coal industry, and whether you have a proud family or personal connection or want to honor the trademarks of the men who went to work underground, a mine-like tattoo coal is an unforgettable tribute. Starting with traditional tools – shovel, pickaxe and cart – and moving on to… Read More »

65+ Best Farming Tattoos Ideas In 2020

We appreciate the fruits of their labor and count on them to support us throughout the seasons, but rarely give them their due. An agricultural tattoo honors not only the farmer, but the ancient and sacred skill that often determines life or death. Whether you want to honor the farmers of your life or let the world know… Read More »